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Wild Cats of the World (Alphabetical Index)

By: C.M.Shorter

The following Wild Cats of the World are arranged alphabetically. Some of the Wild Cat links listed here may lead to web pages that are a part of other works, curriculum material, and/or previous articles. These are indicated with a green icon . Simply select "back" in your browser to return to this listing:
African Golden Cat --> Pictures
Andean Mountain Cat
--> Pictures
Asian Golden Cat
--> Pictures
Black Footed Cat
--> Pictures
--> Pictures
Bornean Bay Cat
Canadian Lynx -->
--> Pictures
--> Pictures
Chinese Mountain Cat

Clouded Leopard
--> Pictures
* --> Pictures
Eurasian Lynx
--> Pictures
Fishing Cat
--> Pictures
Flat Headed Cat

Geoffroys Cat

Iberian Lynx

Iriomote Cat
Jaguar --> Pictures
--> Pictures
Jungle Cat
Leopard Cat
--> Pictures
--> Pictures | White Lion Pictures
Marbled Cat
--> Pictures
--> Pictures
--> Pictures
--> Pictures
Pallas Cat
--> Pictures
Pampas Cat

Rusty Spotted Cat

Sand Cat
--> Pictures
--> Pictures
Snow Leopard
--> Pictures
--> Pictures
--> Pictures

* Cougar -
(aka Catamount, Florida Panther, Mountain Lion, Puma)

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