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Wild Cat's Prey Index - Page 2

By: C.M.Shorter

By: C.M.Shorter

The following is a listing of prey for our Wild Cats of the World throughout the world. All Wild Cats are Carnivorous and prey consists of a wide variety of animals, although some Wild Cats will eat grasses, fallen fruit and other vegetable matter to obtain its moisture content.

A natural symbiotic relationship exists between Predator & Prey. One cannot exist in healthy conditions without the other in order to establish the fine balance nature intended for both species to survive.

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Eurasian Lynx Small mammals - mice, rabbits & hares, birds, carrion, eggs, frogs, reptiles and small domestic livestock and young wild ungulates.
Iberian Lynx Hunt their favorite prey - the European Rabbit in the grasses of the meadowland along the borders of the French-Spanish Mediterranean woodlands.

Bobcat Small mammals - mice, rabbits & hares, birds, carrion, eggs, frogs, reptiles and small domestic livestock. May take young wild ungulates.
Canadian Lynx Snowshoe hare which is abundant in their range; the other species also feed on hare, foxes, rodents, birds and their eggs and other smaller ungulates such as deer.
Cougar (Also named by Territory: Catamount, Florida Panther, Mountain Lion & Puma Primarily mammals by territory, ground dwelling birds, marmots, and occasionally reptiles. Florida Panther prey includes white-tailed deer, wild hogs, raccoons, armadillos, rabbits, rodents, birds, small alligators and waterfowl including ducks, egrets & great blue heron.

Andean Mountain Cat Chinchilla, mountain viscacha, birds, reptiles and other small rodents
Geoffroys Cat Small mammals, bird, lizards, rodents - mice, rats & guinea pigs, fish, frogs and insects
Jaguar Ungulates (deer), Peccaries, caimans, fish, reptiles and birds.
Jaguarundi Small rodents, rabbits, armadillos, opossums, quail, wild turkey, reptiles, frogs, fish and domestic poultry.
Kodkod Primarily small mice and rodents, insects.
Margay Primarily arboreal: Tree Canopy prey consists of small tree dwelling rodents, opossums, squirrels, sloths, monkeys, porcupines, birds, insects and occasionally fruit which is eaten primarily for moisture content.
Ocelot Prey consists of a wide variety of small mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, tortoises and insects with grass ingested regularly comprising up to 20% of their diet.
Oncilla Smaller rodents, small primates, birds, insects and reptiles.
Pampas Cat Small nocturnal mammals, ground nesting birds, penguins, penguin eggs, lizards, large insects and domestic livestock.
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