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Wild Cats of the World

By: C.M.Shorter

There are 37 Species of Wild Cats as classified by IUCN - The World Conservation Union with territory ranging in over more than 50 countries distributed throughout the world including our World's Great Cats . The smaller and medium sized Wild Cats, all members of the felidae family, come in many shapes and sizes. Wild Cat Habitats span across every continent with the exception of Australia and Antarctica.

The majority of the Wild Cat Species are small in size and reclusive by nature. They inhabit the earth's most rugged terrains from the highest mountains, to the Rain Forest canopy and the arid desert regions to name a few. A Wild Cat inhabits territory that is somewhat difficult to navigate. Wild Cat Territories are ecologically diverse. This is a fact that makes them somewhat difficult to study. This same fact and these rugged terrains benefit the animals by providing a safe harbor for them from the "perfect storm" of man's ever growing population and expansion into previously pristine territory. Stealth, cunning hunters these Wild Cats are survivors! The Apprentice would not be welcome here!

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They have adapted to many of the global changes through the last decades. Loss of habitat and human encroachment into their territories, poaching and the subsequent loss of prey remains their single largest threat for survival. These animals are not cat fanciers of human contact.

All Wild Cats have an unfortunate common denominator - all Wild Cat Species are addressed by CITES and listed on either Appendix I as an Endangered Species or on Appendix II (Threatened Species etc).

We here at TigerHomes.Org animal sanctuary have made education the primary goal of our website featuring Endangered Species. TigerHomes has over 30 state-of-the-art webcams featuring our residents Tigers, Lions and Lemurs in beautiful naturalistic habitats. We invite you to join in our on-line adventure and take your own Safari Snapshots! Please feel free to enter your pictures in our Viewer Gallery for a chance to win our monthly Photo Contest. By exploring our Educational Website you will learn about these and many other fascinating creatures including Giant Panda Bears, Red Panda Bears, Polar Bears, Koala Bears, Killer Whales - just to name a few. The key to global conservation and preservation of these Species is through our knowledge.

For those of you with cat scratch fever, we sure hope these Educational Cat Biography Pages will provide you with one of our own TigerHomes' holistic cures for our nature lover's body, mind, heart & soul - education for our Wild Cat's Fan Club! Our TigerHomes DVD - "PowerCats - Locked & Loaded" introduces our fans, students and top educators worldwide to the Large Wild Cat Species. we hope you find this information on Wild Cats informative. It is our goal and the primary mission of our website to educate our members and create awareness of the various animal species on our fragile planet. The TigerHomes Sanctuary is privately funded providing a permanent home to many of the world's most Endangered Species of animals. The Sanctuary receives assistance only through the help of member donations which are needed and greatly appreciated to provide a secure future for these magnificent creatures. Please take time to visit the Sanctuary's Gift Shop if you would like to help sponsor our work!

Be sure to visit our Education Center, our fantastic Picture Gallery and express your views in our forum and, of course our World Renowned Animal and Habitat Cams where you can visit the Sanctuary resident White Tigers (Tundra & Loki), Golden Tigers, Bengal Tigers, Siberian Tigers, Ruffed Lemurs, Ring Tailed Lemurs, and Black and White Lemurs.

We would like to now introduce you to the remaining Wild Cats of the World.

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