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The page you have requested for Golden Tigers has moved. Indiginous to eastern Russia, NE China and parts of N. Korea, the Siberian Tiger is the largest of all of the living cats! Adult males have been recorded over 1000 lbs with the norm being around 650 lbs. Female Siberian Tigers are considerably smaller, tipping the scales at 350 pounds.

Siberian Golden Tigers
Siberian Golden Tigers
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In addition to being a heavy bulky cat, this subspecies is long! Head to tail measurements recorded over ten and a half feet (10.5'). Altaicia's orange coat is paler than that of the other four living subspecies. With widely spaced brown stripes vs. the narrowly spaced dark black stripes found on the other subspecies. The Siberian Tiger also possesses a white belly and chest with a dense ruff of white fur around its neck.

In the wild, this cat primarily hunts wild boar and elk. Due to the fact that their prey lives in varying and scattered densities; the Siberian Tiger requires large territories. An adult male cat will roam a territory up to 400 square miles. Females tend to inhabit a smaller home range size of 160 square miles. Still an extremely large piece of land! As with other endangered species, if humanity does not protect the tiger's wild habitat; then there will be no "tigers in the wild"! As you can see from the above-mentioned numbers, these cats REQUIRE extremely large areas of natural unimproved land to survive. Without significant protection of habitat these animals will surely only survive in zoos. We all need to come together "Globally" to protect the tiger and its endangered co-inhabitants! This must start with land conservation.

As of now, wild populations are estimated around 350 to 410 animals. However, another 490 individuals are managed in various conservation programs like the SSP (Species Survival Program).

As you can see, this is a truly remarkable and majestic animal that deserves protecting! We sincerely hope you enjoy viewing the Sanctuaries seven (7) special Siberian Tigers!