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Baby White Tigers, The Cutest of all the Cubs

Baby White Tigers are undoubtedly one of the cutest of all the feline cubs. Like all other rare and endangered non-domesticated animals, baby White Tigers require extremely species-specific nutrition and care. On the rare occasion the Sanctuary has to take in an orphaned animal, we utilize the latest most up to date zoological husbandry practices and techniques. In fact, the Sanctuary has been asked on more then one occasion to consult and advise hand-rearing techniques and protocols from other Zoological facilities as far away as Thailand.

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Baby White Tiger Tundra - Baby White Tiger Cody and Spock with Tiger Cub

Hand rearing baby White Tigers may sound like a fantasy dream to most of you, but in reality it is extremely hard work requiring total round the clock “focused” attention. Baby White Tigers are extremely delicate fragile animals, especially the very young under 3 weeks of age. Tundra, the Sanctuary’s 1st baby White Tiger, was only 6 days old when her mother abandoned her and we took over as a surrogate and permanent home.

Jason with Tundra Bottle Feeding Tiger Cub Jason Caring for White Tiger

Baby White Tigers, like any other color variation of tiger cub, require feeding every 2 hours, 24 hours a day for the first 3 weeks of their life. When we received Tundra her eyes were not even open yet. After each feeding she required a burping and had to be stimulated to go “Potty”. In the wild, mother tigers will lick and groom the backsides of her cubs, which in turn stimulates a reflex to urinate and defecate. Now I take my responsibilities very seriously when I am entrusted with such a rare and delicate life, but this is were I draw the line. So instead of using my own tongue for this I substitute a warm baby wet wipe. In fact, I think the Sanctuary is responsible for 80% of all Wet Wipe sales in the State when we are hand-rearing a baby tiger. I always would empty the self of my favorite brand, as they were not always in stock. The checkout girls and other customers in the store always gave me the funniest looks.

Jason caring for Cub Close Tundra Tundra and Baby Wet Wipes

I am literally a Zombie for the first month. By the time it takes to prepare a very specific milk matrix formula, warm it, bottle nurse, burp, and stimulate, you get about an hour and 15 minutes sleep between feedings if you are lucky. In the end it is all worth it! I could go on and on detailing the different husbandry requirements of these beautiful White Tigers. Instead, to learn more please visit the Sanctuary's “EDUCATIONAL CENTER”, or better yet watch and learn for yourself on one of our 30 + world renowned animal “WEB CAMS”.

The Three Amigos: (from left to right) Tundra,  Cody and Spock
The Three Amigos: (from left to right) Tundra, Cody and Spock

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