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The Sanctuary's White Tigers

The Sanctuary's Siberian White Tigers Species: Bengal Tiger
Names: Tundra (left) & Loki (right)
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Forum: Tundra & Loki
Webcam snapshots of Tundra & Loki by members
Animal Name: Tundra

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Common Name: Bengal Tiger
Scientific Name: Panthera tigris tigris
Classification: Feline
Color Morph: White
Date of Birth: July 4, 2000
Gender: Female
Birth Weight: 1.8 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Very sweet and affectionate. Loves to be groomed and petted by her keepers. Like most female cats; Tundra can be flighty with a tendency to pounce playfully when keepers appear vulnerable. She is a joy to interact with!
Companion(s): Ikas, Loki
Point of Interest: Tundra was sponsored and named by our friend Mr. Dorsey Levins of the Greenbay Packers. We all have to give Mr Levins a thumbs-up for choosing such an appropriate name; since Siberian Tigers actually come from the Siberian Tundra.
Habitat Information:
Periodically Dave puts new sod in Tundra and Loki's habitat but these attempts to beautify their surroundings only last for short periods of time. Unfortunately both of these tigers like to tear apart grass or newly planted trees more than most other animals in the Sanctuary.
How to Identify Tundra:
Tundra has slightly darker stripes than Loki. She is also a bit smaller in size but this is hard to see unless they are standing side-by-side.

See side-by-side snapshots of Tundra & Loki by ace1fan >>

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Animal Name: Loki

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Common Name: Bengal Tiger
Scientific Name: Panthera tigris tigris
Classification: Feline
Color Morph: White
Date of Birth: November 8, 2000
Gender: Male
Birth Weight: 2.5 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Loki has one of the best dispositions of any tiger at the Sanctuary, only comparable to the personality of Clarence our full-grown adult Orange/Black/White tiger. Loki absolutely loves all forms of attention from his keepers and habitat companions. Loki's disposition is so gentle and so sweet one can "almost" trust him. He is similar to a lap dog, always trying to give hugs and wet kisses. Loki, is also one of the most vocal of all the cats housed at the Sanctuary. He seems to actually try to have a conversation with you.
Companion (s): Tundra, Ikas
Point of Interest: Loki's name means "Warrior of Mischief". A very interesting fact about Loki is that he was the only cub born in the litter. This is an extremely rare occurrence in tiger births. The majority of litters range in size from 2 to 6 cubs. This fact most likely explains Loki's heavy birth weight of 2.5 pounds.
How to Identify Loki:
Often seen on White Tiger cam #1 at the time of this writing. Loki has lighter stripes than Tundra. He is also larger in overall size. You will notice too that Loki has a scar on his nose that's the shape of an upside down checkmark and his eyes are crossed.
Webcam Snapshots of Tundra and Loki
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