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By: C.M.Shorter (Ace) ~ Gold Sponsor

Meet “Loki” TigerHomes male resident White Tiger or “Warrior of Mischief”. Aptly named, Loki is an extremely rare White Siberian Tiger with a mischievous demeanor. Here you see Loki lounging in the off-cam Tiger Habitat. Centered between this shaded area and the primary Tiger habitat you see on TigerHomes Cams are relay switching stations used to transfer and exchange animals. Their secondary habitats are shaded with elevated side platforms for resting and also offers shelter from the elements. It is interesting to note the size of this secondary habitat alone is much larger than is required to keep tigers permanently! When you do not see Loki or Tundra, his female companion on Cam this is where you will find them.

Loki, a formidable top predator is one of the largest tigers living at the Sanctuary. Loki came to the Sanctuary as a cub and was hand-reared and formed a lasting bond with Dave & Jason. Due to proper expert handling and the nature of his disposition, Loki is easy to work with but is always treated with the respect due a dangerous Wild animal. Nicknamed the “Lokster” by some of the Sanctuary’s Gold Sponsors, you can often find Loki demonstrating his “mischief skills” climbing palm trees, knocking down coconuts or dipping palm fronds in his water. In general, this Big Cat likes to play! Loki was featured in TigerHomes own Educational “Power Cats” DVD.


Loki is available for Adoption and needs Sponsors! Loki is one of the many Animal Ambassadors at the Sanctuary. His glossy photo is available to help support daily care of the animals & further TigerHomes Educational Mission to increase awareness and conservation efforts for his cousins in the wild. Next >>

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