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By: C.M.Shorter (Ace) ~ Gold Sponsor
Dave showing how fast bamboo grows

Here is a photo of Dave explaining to us just how fast Bamboo grows! He was explaining the growth ratio of the bamboo is directly related to the circumference of the stalk. Bamboo is an environmentalist’s dream come true. It is one of the world’s fastest growing plants. In many instances Bamboo is finding its way more & more into our homes as it replaces the use of hardwood deciduous trees.

Tigerhomes Sanctuary has giant bamboo stands surrounding the perimeter. Extremely fast growing, bamboo is an excellent regenerating natural resource. These stands were toppled by the Hurricanes of 2005. Root bases were dug back in with the plants trimmed and stood back up and the recovery is amazing. Long stalks are cut and used particularly in the Lemur habitats to simulate their wild environment. The Lemurs very much enjoy the tender Bamboo shoots and from TigerHomes Cams you can see them climbing, playing and resting on the stalks.

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