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By: C.M.Shorter (Ace) ~ Gold Sponsor

Meet Marcan, the Sanctuary’s Male Golden Tiger. Marcan is just magnificent! He has the distinction of being one of the rarest animals in the world. Less than 50-60 Golden Tigers exist in the world today and all are in captivity. Marcan shares the Golden Tiger habitat with his companion, Sherikon and can often be seen on TigerHomes Cams patrolling the habitat perimeter exhibiting the same natural behaviors he would have in the wild.

Tigers typically use scent marking to establish territory bounds and it is amazing to watch Marcan as he tends to his duties. The “Golden” coloring is a variation from the “orange/black” standard coat of the Siberian Tiger. “Goldens” are not a separate subspecies but actually a extremely rare color morph. Golden Tigers, are sometimes called “Strawberry Tigers” and none are known to exist in the wild. Siberian Tigers are a highly Endangered species. Like all Tigers, Marcan is a Wild animal and treated with extreme caution. Marcan has earned his “Tiger Stripes” and the reputation of being one of the most dangerous animals housed at the Sanctuary.

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