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Educational Series DVD's from Tigerhomes.org
Filmed on location and up-close with the Sanctuary animals

Powercats Locked & Loaded DVD
Powercats - Tigers  / Lions - DVD with Curriculum

Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary presents, "Powercats: Locked and Loaded". This is the most popular addition to the educational video series introducing viewers to various wild cats of the world. See these amazing cats up-close and experience a day in their lives at the Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary. All DVD's come complete with online curriculum.

Included on this DVD:
Up-close with Siberian Tigers, White Tigers, Golden Tigers, African Lions, Lynx, Cheetah, Cougars, and Caracals. Additional features include archived video footage of the white tiger babies Tundra & Loki.

You will learn detailed facts about several species of cats from their hunting habits to mating rituals. Special guest John Jones brings the cameras into the habitats of these mighty animals. With years of experience in animal behavior and the ability to sense aggressive postures, your hosts Dave Hartsock and Jason Abels interact with the Powercats in their domain.
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Lemurs: Tails from the Canopy DVD
Lemur DVD with Curriculum Tigerhomes Sanctuary presents, "Lemurs: Tales from the Canopy". This educational video introduces viewers to the family of mammals called Lemurs. Through the eyes David Hartsock and the narration of Jason Abels along with renowned Rachel Rogers, you will learn all about four types of Lemurs that live at the Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary. All DVD's come complete with curriculum!

You will learn about the their anatomy, behavior and feeding habits along with some of the physical characteristics that define these unbelievable creatures. In addition you will learn how lemurs are raised, the characteristics that distinguish the species, and information about their lives on the threatened island of Madagascar.
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Florida's Wild Future DVD

Tigerhomes Sanctuary presents, "Florida's Wild Future ". This educational video reveals Florida's remaining most fearsome and alluring inhabitants. Get an in-depth look at these amazing creatures and learn of the dangers they face as their natural habitat quickly disappear. All DVD's come complete with curriculum!

Did you know that River Otters use their whiskers to forage for food in murky waters? Did you know that alligators have 3 sets of eyelids or that an adult Florida Panther can jump 18 feet straight up into the air? You will be taken on an action-packed journey by hosts Jason Ables and John Jones. This video is full of adventure and filled with scientific facts about "Florida's Wild Future".
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Florida's Wild Future  DVD with Curriculum

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