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Webcam Gallery [Upload Image]
Important things to remember when adding snapshots to the gallery.

>> Click here to learn how to take a snapshot and other tips <<


1) Only upload Tigerhomes.org snapshots from the cams located on this site (no exceptions). You will only be allowed to add 5 per month so pick your best shots.

2) If you choose to use a photo editor, remember to save as a .jpg as that is the only file extension we will accept. Effective January 2006 any image exceeding the default snapshot dimensions 320 x 240 will be deleted without notice. We need to maintain the uniformity of our snapshot sizes for everyone to enjoy. You are allowed to frame or add tasteful borders to snapshots but they still must remain within the default size 320 x 240. If you want to share your original artwork or customized snapshots we would love to see them. Simply visit the forum Wecam Snapshot & Member Art and show us your work.

3) We will be capturing your IP address along with a date and time stamp in an effort to detour anyone from uploading offensive images or images other than tigerhomes.org cam snapshots. IP addresses of known violators are forwarded to their respective ISP (Internet Service Providers) for further action.

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