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The Sanctuary's Ring-Tailed Lemurs

The Sanctuary's Siberian White Tigers Species: Ring-Tailed Lemur
Names: Snair, Mary, Eve, Ivy, Sygmond, Kicker, and More

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Forum: Ring-Tailed Lemurs
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Animal Names: Snair, Mary, Eve, Ivy, Sygmond, Kicker and More!

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Common Name: Ring-tailed Lemur
Scientific Name: Varecia variegata rubra
Classification: Prosimian Primate
Date of Birth: Snair 1996, Mary 1999, Eve 1999, Ivy 1999, Sygmond 2001, Kicker 1996
Gender: Snair - female, Mary - female, Eve - Female, Ivy - female, Sygmond - male, Kicker - male
Birth Weight: (around 70--120grams)
Eye Color: Dark Yellow/Orange
This Troop of Ring-tailed lemurs was placed on loan to the Sanctuary by The Primate Conservancy located in South West Florida. The Director and Head Curator have advised us that individuals in this group are friendly and docile. We will keep you advised of any behavioral changes as we learn them.
Point of Interest:
Ring-tailed lemurs live in large groups or Troops often exceeding 20 individual members. As with other lemur species, Ring-tailed troops are highly social and very political, with females being dominant! Ring-tailed lemurs will defend their non-overlapping territories from other invading groups. Although their territorial disputes look vicious, the majority of the battle is done threw visual and olfactory (sent) stimulation. Ring-tailed lemurs will violently shake their highly visible stripped tails as they drag it across their sent glands located on their wrists. This is perhaps one of natures fist "Chemical" warfare adaptations. Even when contact is made between opposing individuals, injury is often avoided. This is not to say they horrific injuries do not occur. They Do! As with all of Madagascar's plants and animals, the Ring-tailed lemur faces extreme threats to its survival. First and foremost being habitat destruction. The native people are literally burning the Island's rainforest and other wild places at an alarming rate. If we are not careful, there will be no wild lemurs left!

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Webcam Snapshots of the Ring-Tailed Lemurs
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