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Tigerhomes Visit & Update

By: C.M.Shorter (Ace) ~ Gold Sponsor

Recently I visited Dave and the animals at TigerHomes Sanctuary and would like to share my experience with those who have never had the privilege to go. Dave extends an open invitation to all Gold Sponsors to come to see the Sanctuary and animals in person, so long as you have made advance arrangements. It is one of the most beautiful ways you can spend the day, get involved and no better way to actually see the benefit first-hand of our support for the work being done at TigerHomes.

I found TigerHomes Cams on the internet 3 years ago and have been a strong supporter of the mission of the Sanctuary since day one. It has been a little over a year since my last visit. This is the first time I witnessed the devastation along with the tremendous progress made here at the Sanctuary after both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma sheared across South Florida. With Katrina we had heavy rain fall and flooding for days in the area surrounding the Sanctuary. Wilma left her calling card packing 140 mph sustained winds for almost 5 hours and the overall damage was staggering.

Of course, I had my own damage as did so many other South Florida residents who felt the aftermath of this storm. The efforts here at TigerHomes are tremendous. Not one animal was injured during the storm due to preventative and professional handling. Afterwards we all struggled with power outages lasting in excess of 3 weeks or more. Once I could log back in on my computer, I saw the photos of the damage at the Sanctuary. Dave then gave us regular updates as he worked day after day to remove truckload after truckload of debris to clear the grounds.

The animals received the best of care after the storm and Dave quickly settled them back into their normal routines. Cams, wiring, and fencing had significant damage. The website was back up and running after many struggles with the host providers to get service restored. The entire roof over the Main House needed to be repaired and replaced and that work is in progress now. We are now in the middle of our Rainy Season. The fruits of hours of endless labor to restore the Sanctuary is finally paying off as this tropical paradise regenerates under Dave’s watchful care and is apparent in the Photos you are about to see.

The Sanctuary Big Cats – Tigers, Lions, Leopards are healthy and robust, paired together with companions for the most part. Living together in “Troops” are the many species of Lemurs you will see housed here at the Sanctuary. Every habitat is a work of art. Designed for comfort, shelter, & stimulation is a peaceful setting created uniquely suited to the requirements of each of the many species of animals who have permanent homes here.

TigerHomes Sanctuary, through the love and dedication given is a delicately balanced, living, breathing entity. Each animal, each plant, every tree and species of wildlife that also finds it way to the Sanctuary becomes woven together as an integral part of this man-made ecosystem unto itself. Just as each person who discovers TigerHomes and makes the decision to help support the animals and mission of the Sanctuary becomes part of this chain. We all have an opportunity to be a link in this conservation and preservation chain that is quickly becoming the world’s future.

Dave Hartsock, President and Founder of TigerHomes has a way of making this task at hand he created and directs look easy. Rest assured from the size of the grounds, the habitats and the quality care these animals receive – it is no easy chore! It is a lifetime commitment to work on a project of this magnitude. After caring for the animals day-in and day-out, the emphasis is directed toward TigerHomes Educational Mission increasing awareness for these animals and global conservation issues. Sharing these photos with you will give you a better insight into the world of Tigerhomes and good reason to become a Sponsor.

Part I - Feeding the Lemurs & Lemur Habitats | PDF
Dave Showing the Way to Feed the Lemurs Ring Tailed Lemur Habitat Ring Tailed Lemur Habitat 2 Ring Tailed Lemur Habitat 3
B/W Lemur Habitat B/W Lemur Habitat 2 Dave Lemur Hug Lemur Alarm Call Brown Lemur Habitat

Part II - Golden Tiger Habitat, Sanctuary Grounds & Flowers | PDF
Sherikon's Tiger Den Marcan Sherikon Sherikon Sherikon
Sanctuary Grounds Shooting Stars Mandevilla Plumbago
Unknown Flowers Dave / Bamboo

New Part III - White Tiger Habitat | PDF

New Part IV - Hurricane Repair & Recovery | PDF

New Part V - Other Habitats | PDF

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