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Aphrodisiacs and the Myth of Tiger Penis Magical Cures

A quick note on Aphrodisiacs and the myth of using Tiger Penis. For centuries ancient Asian cultures have believed (and still do) that by consuming dried Tiger Penis had magical cures to improve Male Stamina like Viagra, and even lead to a Larger Penis. This claim was drastically increased if these concocktions (pun intended) were created from White Tiger Penis.

Tiger Parts including Tiger Penis are sold in the black market

As silly as this sounds, these myths do exist and are one of the primary factors influencing the act of tiger poaching and other animal poaching to continually supply Endangered Species parts for traditional Asian Medicine and Sexual Performance products. It is absolutely sickening what you can find in some of these traditional Asian Market places all over the world. You would think that the odds of coming across the head of a Silverback Gorilla these days in a grocery store would be a rare occurrence. In actuality, it is not that uncommon in some Congo markets, even though the Gorillas are protected by International Treaties.

Korea, Viet Nam, China, Cambodia and a host of other Asian countries are the primary players in both the belief that Tiger Penis and especially White Tiger Penis have Viagra effects. This issue combined with their sick practices of consuming Endangered Species regularly as a food source is one of the primarily causes of the Extinction of so many species. Only threw awareness and education will we ever really make true progress in the protection of animals and the remaining “wild places” in which they inhabit. To learn more about Poaching, the use of Tiger Penis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, White Tigers and myths associated with Tiger Parts, please visit the Sanctuary’s EDUCATIONAL CENTER.

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