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"I've only been a member for a couple of years but now I cannot imagine my life without being able to see these animals and have learned so much about the endangered exotics.  The love that Dave has for these animals is so amazing and shows in the way he cares for them - it is truly his life.  I found the site when I was looking up info about white tigers and was awe struck at what I found!  The educational content is something that is way beyond what you can find anywhere else on the internet.  To think that I didn't even know what a lemur was before coming here and now watching the black & whites, reds and ring tailed lemurs is so much fun.  And not to forget my favorite to watch - the Golden Tigers Sherikon and Marcan - they are gorgeous."
-- Barbara, barbaraj (USA)

"If you like watching Tigers playing tag, Lions lazing in the sun, Lemurs that leap or sit and cuddle their babies...TigerHomes.org is that place to be!  The cams are the best on the Internet, and the Forum is a place to get to know your fellow animal lovers.  There are articles to read, to learn about our endangered planet, and ways to save it.  If you like shopping, check out the store for various goodies, and while you are there you can "adopt" one of the Cam "Stars".
-- Michele, imashell (USA)
"I have always had a wonderful love for Tigers and all of the big cats and wild animals, they are the wonderful creatures of our planet and are loved by many, I  have always wanted to do something for them that will make a difference but never had the chance until i found the tigerhomes website, not only can i view these beautiful animals on live webcams, i can also learn  so much about them and teach others about them especially the younger generation who will therefore go on and teach their own children. Most of these animals are now endangered and we all need to help and teach about keeping these endangered species on the planet. Now i feel that through the website i am finally doing something that i love and is worthwhile....its all thanks to the tigerhomes team for making this possible for all of us...."
-- Hazel, hazelmharris1 (UK)
"Hi I'm Sue and live in England, I care about animals of all sorts, although not too fond of reptiles or bugs, but definitely all Animals and I feel that without them this world would be a very sad place so everything that can be done to protect them and there Habitat must be done and at TIGERHOMES this is where I found a place that people can come together and talk and learn how to go about helping and doing what they can about this.  I have made some real true friends there who I would never have met otherwise.

I found the site in 2004 when I was searching for pictures of Tigers I started watching the Cams I was amazed at the fact that you where able to watch such beautiful animals live.

All the animals at the Sanctuary are special from Marcan the huge big Golden Tiger right on down to the baby Ringtail Lemurs they are beautiful and have a big place in my heart."
-- Sue, suack (UK)
"Since finding Tigerhomes.org on the net, I knew that we have found the Best Place to be.  Watching the Cams and taking Snapshots of these Beautiful Animals from the Safety of our own home, is the Greatest thing on Earth!  Having my Family take part in Tigerhomes, and in the Tigerhomes Forum on Topics such as Animal Awareness right down to what Kind of Day you have had.  You get a Warm Feeling inside, that your Family comes from all Around the World.
PLEASE! PLEASE! Do Your Part, with Helping the Tigerhomes.org Mission!"
 -- Donna, keykey (Canada)

"I've been a member of Tigerhomes for almost a year now and I'm so glad that I found this site.  Nowhere else on the net can you find as many webcams, educational pages, and such a great group of people from around the globe.  TigerDave and his Team are awesome at what they do and they are the real deal!  No phonies here!  This man loves what he does and it shows in everything he does.  He always puts his "Animal" family needs above his own.  He has devoted his life to this and is perfecting this sanctuary 365/24/7 ! I would strongly encourage anyone out there that has not done so to sign up today and be a part of this awesome family of animal loving, Educating, Wildlife preserving bunch of guys that are TRULY number ONE at what they do!  Tigerhomes Sanctuary and www.tigerhomes.org TOTALLY Rock!!"
-- Pam, Kitty24 (USA)
"I'm a wild tiger addict (white and siberian tigers above all) since I was looking for a white tiger wallpaper when I met Tundra! And then I saw that "live webcams" banner and my hand went to it without asking me for permission! Tigerhomes.org is the best site I have ever surfed!"
-- Alicia, Dufresne (Spain)

"Tigerhomes.org is one of the most entertaining and educational sites on the Internet. The effort that goes into providing the best care and sanctuary for these animals is amazing. And the webcams that allow the lives of these beautiful creatures to be seen by so many people around the world, it's truly remarkable! Thanks to the efforts of Tigerhomes.org we still have these beauties on earth to admire! I thank all the people behind Tigerhomes.org so much and will always be a supporter."
-- Rose, rosieposie (Canada)
"As someone who is interested in animals (lemurs specifically), I was happy to find TigerHomes.org on a search for lemur webcams. There isn't anywhere on the net where you can see both Ring-Tailed and Ruffed lemurs as candidly as you can at TigerHomes.org - and it all happens live, all day, and on more than 5 different cams to choose from!"
-- Zach, taburineagle (USA)
"Tigerhomes is great - especially Tundra & Loki watching the web cams makes me feel like I'm there with them everyday.  Dave made me feel very welcome back in February - just love the work you guys are doing."
-- Sue, bkelly (UK)
"I first came upon tigerhomes about a year ago while looking up tiger pictures.  I just though that I would check it out and see what they where about.  That's when it happend...I got addicted to the cams and there beautiful animals.  The people at tigerhomes are awesome.  They bend over backwards for their members when it should be the other way around.  They bring us so much just from the seat of your own home.  If you love animals like I do please believe me, tigerhomes is the best there is and nothing else compairs."
-- Kristie, kristiemiller7 (USA)
"Tiger Homes web site is THE place to be. The site is full of educational information about the exotic animals, has the best forum on the net, and of course, the web cams can't be beat!!! Like a certain company's potato chips, just one visit to the site won't be enough- you'll have to keep coming back for more!!! So join the forum, help the sanctuary help the animals by becoming a Gold Member, and, by all means, enjoy the cams! You'll be glad you did!!!"
-- Kathryn, "Z" coleman (USA)