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"Each Sponsor sees the rich reward of being able to watch every dollar donated come back to them time and time again every time they visit!" -- Ace1fan

Tigerhomes.org Gold Level Sponsors

This page is to recognize our Gold Level Sponsors listed below . These sponsors are Tigerhomes.org members who donate on a monthly basis. Gold Level Sponsors also include certain members that have dedicated a substantial amount of their own time toward helping in other ways. Examples include members who are frequently involved in constructive forum discussions and post exciting new topics, members that provide us with original ideas for improving the site, or members that contribute quality content for the website in the form of articles and/or original creations like webcam snapshot animations or videos.

Gold Level Sponsor Incentives Include
-- Access to all webcams (Summer 2006 only donating members will be granted access to webcams and this includes all active Gold Level Sponsors)
-- Free tour of the Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary by appointment
-- 2006 Sanctuary Calendar special price
-- Free Tigerhomes.org animal glossy (Ambassador Series) Request via e-mail or PM.
-- Quick answers to questions, e-mail Dave, Jason, or Alex anytime!
-- First access to downloadable content when made available

Sponsor's Name (a-z) Type Location
ace1fan Monthly Donations United States,FL,Ft. Lauderdale
AmyG Monthly Donations United States,FL,Bal Harbor
AnnetteT Monthly Donations United States,NY,Tonawanda
antipodi Monthly Donations Australia,-,Melbourne
BarbaraAl Monthly Donations United States,NM,Rio Rancho
Barbaraj Monthly Donations United States,NC,Huntersville
BelindaS Monthly Donations United States,PA,Lansdale
bertnspike Monthly Donations United States,FL,West Melbourne
bkelly Monthly Donations United Kingdom,-,Heathrow
BrendaMo Monthly Donations Canada,ON,Oshawa
bvjmama2 Monthly Donations United States,TN,Talbott
ChristinaM Monthly Donations United States,IN,Lafayette
ChristineL Monthly Donations United States,MA,Dunstable
cnickell Monthly Donations United States,NC,Charlotte
coleman Monthly Donations United States,GA,Pine Mountain
copycat Monthly Donations United States,IL,Woodridge
dawnie Monthly Donations United Kingdom,guernsey,Channel Islands
DeborahL Monthly Donations United States,WA,Poulsbo
DeniseW Monthly Donations United States,WA,Arlington
DianaB Monthly Donations United States,CA,Altadena
DJK Monthly Donations United States,FL,Jacksonville
Donnahe Monthly Donations United States,NC,Rocky Mount
DuFresne Monthly Donations Spain,-,Madrid
emstexas Monthly Donations United States,TX,-
felinesrule Monthly Donations United States,unk,unk
GaileneH Monthly Donations United States,HI,Kailua
gb3llma Monthly Donations United States,MI,Sterling Heights
gloria2 Monthly Donations United States,CA,Rancho Cordova
HazelH Monthly Donations United Kingdom,Manchester,ashton
heatherd Monthly Donations United States,OH,Chillicothe
Hellbat83 Monthly Donations United States,HI,-
imashell Monthly Donations United States,IL,Streator
KaranH Monthly Donations United States,FL,Naples
KarenB Monthly Donations United States,NH,Pittsfield
KellieG Monthly Donations United States,IN,Moores Hill
KellyW Monthly Donations United States,FL,Oakland Park
keykey Monthly Donations Canada,Ontario,London
KimP Monthly Donations Australia,NSW,Goulburn
kitty24 Monthly Donations United States,TN,Nashville
KristenS Monthly Donations United States,FL,Inverness
kristiemiller7 Monthly Donations United States,IN,Lawrenceburg
LindaR Monthly Donations United States,Ca,San Diego
lucylovely1 Monthly Donations United States,IA,Sioux City
LyndaH Monthly Donations Canada,Ontario,Burlington
majestictgr Monthly Donations United States,NJ,Belleville
MarcR Monthly Donations United States,IA,Des Moines
memanh Monthly Donations United States,NH,-
MichelleB Monthly Donations United States,FL,Vero Beach
nikki Monthly Donations United States,AL,Empire
RobertK Monthly Donations United States,FL,Miami
RoryM Monthly Donations Canada,Ontario,Nepean
rosieposie Monthly Donations United States,-,-
samacy Monthly Donations United States,OR,La Pine
sbchorn Monthly Donations United States,VA,Nokesville
smilodon Monthly Donations United States,Oklahoma,-
SnowLady444 Monthly Donations United States,MO,Galena
SonyaP Monthly Donations United States,ME,Holden
Stacey1976 Monthly Donations United States,OH,Stoutsville
StephanieB Monthly Donations United States,FL,Jacksonville
Suack Monthly Donations United Kingdom,Lincoln,Lincolnshire
SusanM Monthly Donations United States,ME,Scarborough
SylviaW Monthly Donations United States,NY,Shandaken
taburineagle Monthly Donations United States,PA,York
tigerfreak99 Monthly Donations United States,TX,Cleburne
TimothyM Monthly Donations United States,NC,Wade
TishaG Monthly Donations United States,CA,Carmichael
todde Monthly Donations United States,FL,Miami
VanessaM Monthly Donations United States,CA,Los Angeles
VictoriaF Monthly Donations United States,TX,Houston
vlad Monthly Donations United States,MD,Silver Spring
whitetigress70 Monthly Donations United States,TN,Clarksville
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Corporate Sponsors Type Location
Net Applications Monthly Donations United States, FL
Beauty Schools of America Monthly Donations United States, FL
Albert Livingston Tree Farms Monthly Donations United States, FL
Unique Marine Monthly Donations United States, FL
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Gold Level Badges:

Gold Level Sponsor = Gold Level Sponsor
Honorary Member = Honorary Member: Gold Level Sponsor for two (2) years or more.
= Content Contributor : Gold Level Sponsor that submits original quality content for the forum or website. This content can be original information on endangered animals, or original graphics or animations like snapshot animations that make the website or forum more interesting for new visitors.
Golden Content Contributor = Golden Content Contributor : Gold Level Sponsor that consistently submits vast amounts of original, comprehensive and relevant information (articles), or original wildlife related artwork for the website or the forum. The type and quality of content submitted has measurably increased search engine traffic bringing new visitors to Tigerhomes.org as evidenced through web statistics. This is one of the most difficult badges to achieve.
= Golden Campaign Contributor : Through various means this Gold Level Sponsor promoted Tigerhomes.org or dedicated a significant amount of time and effort that resulted in donations or more support for the Sanctuary from their own sources.
Platinum Campaign Contributor = Platinum Campaign Contributor : Through the Internet this Gold Level Sponsor has promoted Tigerhomes.org; Usually through their own website or blog. Platinum holds the same weight as Golden Campaign Contributor but is generally harder to achieve.
= Concept Contributor : This Gold Level Sponsor has consistently provided Tigerhomes.org with constructive ideas that were later implemented to improve the website for other members. Included here are Gold Level Sponsors that rally members to discuss new ideas.
Moderator = Forum Moderator : Member is a forum moderator or has served as a moderator in the past.

We update this page on a best effort basis but please feel free to remind us if you have valid contributions that are not listed.

What it Means to Become a Sponsor

Many visitors come to our
Tigerhomes.org website everyday! We are so pleased you have decided to join us in our Mission. Tigerhomes.org is the premier animal Educational Website on the Internet featuring live animal webcams. We have literally spent years developing our state-of-the-art interactive webcams to bring the world's most endangered animals right to you live on your own computer screen! Significant time & resources have been devoted to providing our viewers with quality educational information including DVDs filmed at the Sanctuary, school curriculums, looks Behind the Scenes and page after page of enlightening, interesting facts about these endangered animals.

Our Sanctuary member list continues to grow every day! We are experiencing some of the highest traffic growth on the Internet today with global representation from countries throughout the world.
We need to ask each and every visitor for their help in sponsoring our work!

Only through your
donations can we continue to grow to meet our growth and demand goals. That's right - visitors often have keen eyes and BIG hearts and have their own "Wish List" asking for improvements or cam set-ups. We would like to be able to make your dreams (and ours) come true! Donations may be directed to help fund a project on our current Special Projects Wish List or to the Sanctuary in general. 100% of every donation received is applied to caring for the animals including food, veterinary care, habitat structure and maintenance or website costs such as cams, servers, wiring etc. Each Sponsor sees the rich reward of being able to watch every dollar donated come back to them time and time again every time they visit!

We hope you will join the Tigerhomes.org team by becoming a
Sponsor. Donations are credited at the Sponsor level no matter how large or small - each and every dollar makes a BIG difference! Your Gift Shop purchases of DVDs, Adoption Certificate, Food for a Day, or merchandise order also benefit the Sanctuary tremendously. The costs of maintaining & operating the TigerHomes animal sanctuary on a daily basis from a private level has come to the point where we need to ask our many visitors for their support and Sponsorship!

Please sit back,
log-in and get ready for an extreme & AWESOME website animal adventure. Have fun while you watch, listen & learn!

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