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We need your help recovering from Hurricane Katrina

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Damage Report:

-- Ringtail Lemur Habitat (Tree ripped through the roof and one side of fencing)
-- Sampson's Habitat sustained major structural damage
-- King & Pincess' habitat received some structural damage. Trees need to be replanted.
-- Black & White Lemur habitat (minor cleanup)
-- Caracal habitat (major cleanup)
-- White Tigers (minor cleanup)
-- Sanctuary grounds are impassable (22 large trees uprooted and not recoverable)
-- 4 rare Tropical Bamboo clusters uprooted
-- Data Center (cams) minor flooding but recoverable with some work
-- 2 cams were verified as needing replacement but we are not yet certain how many were damaged.
-- The loss of power has meant securing and running generators to refrigerate the animal's food.

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