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What are "Special Projects" ?

More Special Projects are currently underway

Special Project Cams are setup to give members a look behind the scenes when interesting developments are taking place inside the Sanctuary. Special projects may include a view into new habitat construction, the introduction of a new Sanctuary animal, or the addition of a new baby lemur or feline cam. Special Project cams in most cases will be temporary with alternating subject matter. This is why we have chosen not to simply call this new 1st Special Project Cam "IHOP'S BABY CAM" :-)
IHOP Nesting Animation
By Member gb3llma

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Click Here full animation created by member gb3llma!

IHOP, one of the Sanctuary's Black & White Ruffed Lemurs was one of our first on camera "Special Projects". The Special Project camera was setup inside IHOP'S chosen "Off Exhibit" nest site for her babies. For more detailed information on Ruffed Lemur nesting behaviors please visit the Sanctuary's "Educational Center", or better yet help support the Sanctuary's efforts by purchasing the educational DVD titled, "LEMURS - TAILS FROM THE CANOPY". We discuss Ruffed Lemur nesting behaviors in detail on that DVD.

Details Regarding IHOP's Nesting Area
A 3.5 mm camera amplifies light so that it looks bright to cam viewers. If you were to see IHOP's nest up close (in person) you would have seen that it actually was fairly dark even during the daylight hours. We also had placed several alternative nesting areas for her with varying degrees of coverage and space. She just preferred this nesting area but moved quite frequently. The nesting area was covered to protect her from the elements like the rain storm we had. Likewise IHOP had alternative nesting spots that were safe and secure. She was separated from the rest of the lemurs so she had a better chance of a successful delivery. All babies were born without any complications and are currently being introduced to the Black & White Lemur Troop.

Below: IHOP inside her off exhibit nest


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