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Website Hosting, Maintenance & Programming

Website – Hosting, Maintenance & Programming
Many of you know that much of our website maintenance, developmental syntax, and site upgrades are made on a highly discounted basis or more often – a voluntary basis. Many thanks to our Webmaster Alex, to Parth and Donnie, site developers, and to our other contributors. We have many mandatory associated programming expenses and developmental costs. Site hosting (cost of bandwidth) is one such expense along with other associated costs ranging a minimum of $3,000 monthly. These expenses are a significant part of the Sanctuary’s ongoing monthly operating costs and MUST be covered to bring the animals, the cams, the forum, and our educational website pages to our fans. Donations in any amount will be listed as Special Project Donation (TigerHomes “Website” Fund) with your name as a contributor.

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Total Donations this Year = $200.00

Recent contributors: Ace1fan
Website Hosting, Maintenance & Programming

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