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Webcams: Cam Maintenance, Repairs, Replacement, & Wiring

Webcams – Cam Maintenance, Repairs, Replacement, & Wiring
From time to time, you may notice different webcams that are not operating properly. Every few weeks we lose cams to wear & moisture and this is usually due to the waterproofing seals that inevitably fail causing corrosion to the internal chips and other components. We simply cannot be 100% operational in our live cam transmission throughout the animal habitats without your help. New webcams costs range from $150-250 each, plus the shipping, wiring and connection expenses. Donations in any amount will be listed as Special Project Donation (Webcams) with your name as a contributor!

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Total Donations this Year = $735.00

Recent contributors:
lucylovely1, taburineagle, suack, snowlady, KaranH, TishaG, lucylovely1, barbaraj, bvjmama, donnahe, ace1fan, kitty, vlad, gb3llma
Sanctuary cams destroyed by wear and moisture.
The photo shows Sanctuary cams destroyed by wear and moisture.

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