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Landscaping Fund

Landscaping Fund – Grounds Maintenance, Plants, Sod, Shrubbery & Tropical Trees, Sprinkler Systems & Water
For those of you who have seen the Sanctuary Video you are familiar with the size of the Sanctuary and the natural environment provided here for the animals. Landscaping needs are a substantial part of the overall Sanctuary expenses. Extensive damage to the topography of the Sanctuary grounds, including major tree canopy loss and debris removal is covered in our Hurricane Recovery project. However, there always have been the costs of maintaining the Sanctuary landscaping which costs at minimum, $25,000 per year. Since Dave is very resourceful and does a large portion of the work himself, the cost of labor is only partially included in these figures. Our friend, Greg is contracted at $500.00 per month to assist Dave in ongoing routine Sanctuary maintenance and many of you have seen these two working non-stop on cam! Donations in any amount will be listed as Special Project Donation (Landscaping Fund) with your name as a contributor.

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Total Donations = $380.00

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Landscaping Fund

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