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Midnight's "Howdy Cage", Introduction to Sampson,
& Habitat Upgrades for the Leopards

Very soon Midnight will be moved from her current habitat and will be introduced to Sampson in what's sometimes referred to as a "Howdy Cage". It's actually not a cage but an additional habitat in close proximity to Sampson. This is so these two can share visual and olfactory communication at a safe distance. It is our hope that these leopards will become accustomed to each other and eventually become lifetime companions within the same habitat. The time and expense involved is significant for any habitat upgrade of this nature. We need your contributions in order to make this happen. This SP is scheduled for late July through September 2006.

Donate Toward Midnight's Howdy Cage and Leopard Habitat Upgrades >>

Total Donations = $360.00

Recent contributors: DeborahL, gloria2, nikki, imashell, suack, gb3llma, ace1fan

It's HOWDY TIME! Doody NOT welcome.

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