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Ongoing Maintenance of Data Center - Servers & UPSs

Ongoing Maintenance of Data Center - Servers & UPSs
Running full-throttle TigerHomes has the capability to broadcast over 40 cameras each powered by a dedicated server. Currently there are 8 servers that are in the process of being upgraded. Server technology upgrades can cost $200-300 each and this is deeply discounted price specially extended to the Sanctuary from our friend and long-time supporter, Wayne. At present, there are also an additional 5 servers that will cost $350 each to upgrade to cover all the Special Project cams. We need your donations to help us pay for these servers. Without the servers we cannot run the webcams. The servers need routine maintenance, and often replacement, from running day in and out all
year round. South Florida weather can also be very inclement and hard on the servers with the tropical lightning storms taking its toll on our equipment each season. The Data Center also has ongoing expenses associated with replacing required UPSs and electrical power costs for running two AC units to cool the servers 24 hours a day. Donations in any amount will be listed as Special Project Donation (Data Center) with your name as a contributor.

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Total Donations = $975.00

Recent contributors:
vlad, bvjmama, bertnspike, snowlady444, copycat, ace1fan

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