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The Sanctuary's African Leopards

The Sanctuary's Siberian White Tigers Species: African Leopard / African Black Leopard
Names: Sampson (left) & Midnight (right)

African Black Mained LionWatch Sampson's Webcams
African Black Mained LionWatch Midnight's Webcam
Forum: African Leopards
More Webcam snapshots of Sampson & Midnight

Animal Name: Sampson

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Common Name: African Leopard
Scientific Name: Panthera pardus
Classification: Feline
Date of Birth: September 1996
Gender: Male
Birth Weight: unknown
Eye Color: Hazel (gold/green)
Future Companion(s): Midnight
Sampson is an exquisite leopard. Sampson is a one-man leopard and responds only to Dave. Sampson’s habitat can actually be tended to while he is still inside – but only by Dave. It seems Sampson does remember Jason who administered just one too many doses of medicine to this young male leopard and he would like to return the favor! In the wild, leopards are known to live solitary lives so this is not at all uncommon.
Sampson came to the Sanctuary as a young male leopard in need of a permanent home. Sampson is a powerful animal, extremely muscular with one of the highest ratios of muscle mass to body weight of any of our resident Big Cats. Sampson’s coat glistens in shades of brown accented by a beautiful black rosette pattern. His tail is exceptionally long and powerful. Sampson is lightning fast in his movements throughout his habitat!
Tips for Webcam Snapshots: Cam Members will often find Sampson lounging on his deck in the middle of the day. When he does decide to get down - get ready & be quick to take your snapshots because it is with one fell swoop and then he is off to explore!

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Animal Name: Midnight

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Common Name: African Leopard
Scientific Name: Panthera pardus
Classification: Feline
Date of Birth: January 09, 2005
Gender: Female
Birth Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue
FutureCompanion (s): Sampson
Midnight is very lovable & enjoys attention! Being hand reared, she formed a strong bond with Dave. In typical young leopard fashion, you can see Midnight bolting through her habitat. She is one fast, strong & very playful young leopard. More: Midnight's First Photos >>
Midnight was a baby Leopard cub who came to TigerHomes Sanctuary in need of a permanent home. She was bottle fed as a baby cub 24/7 and then slowly introduced to her juvenile feline diet. We are proud to say that she is very healthy and growing everyday! Midnight has a jet black coat with a brownish rosette pattern which can best be seen in full sun. She moves with a stealth, graceful speed and her habitat was designed to encourage her to use these instinctive behaviors. Her tail is very long and her head has a conical shape.

UPDATE: Midnight was a year old in January 2006 and will be placed through one of our Special Projects in a “howdy cage” next to Sampson so these two can share visual & olfactory communications. It is hoped that these animals will be introduced to each other this way, eventually becoming lifetime companions within the same habitat.

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Webcam Snapshots of Sampson and Midnight
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