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Keeping my options open

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Golden Tiger
Golden Tiger

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:04 pm    Post subject: Keeping my options open Reply with quote
I am wondering if i should keep my options open on a sanctuary just as a option for later down the road but unfortunitly i know how much work is into a sanctuary and wasn't sure where to post this under if anyone thinks i have let me know anyway back to the topic i mean i am still working to be able to work and care for big cats in a zoo and keeping my options open if i can't find a zoo up here in NH but i am not gonna start 1 atm i mean for later down the road if ppl understand with what i am saying and i could always prepare for something incase i have some little choices and seeing how i don't have much Zoo's up here in NH only in mass and maine but unfortunitly sometimes those 2 zoos won't be around forever same with maine and also i don't wanna move to another state far from my family of course the zoo i did for the internship i can always get a job at. So i figure i would make a topic i could get ideas in preparation even if i didn't have to make a sanctuary up here it be a nice usefull idea i think if i get my own place to live and made cages incase i am driving from maine or some place in the means of transfering incase we wouldn't make it to the zoo i got a job at where i can rest and the other person that be working with me since i wouldn't want to drive when i am tired at the wheel or something usefull but like i said keeping my options open and hope it won't have to be my last resort.

Also since ppl in NH can own tigers with a USDA licence i figure may as well keep a open thought since leaveing to be far from my family would be a pain and i don't want to give up what i want to do in life just because someone says it isn't possible for me to keep reaching for

i know colledge will help me but not sure which else will i was thinking of some experience in vet assistance, animal behavoir, Zooaligy or biology which i'd need a pill so i can pass even though all i'd like to do in a zoo be care for it a normal way but i guess i got more options open and i was also thinking of animal nurseing for the young since i have no experience in raising a cub at all a house cat but when some of the sizes happen then somethings change i read about stuff like that but unfortunitly just reading won't help me learn better then hands on experience. Also learning the husbandry from Tiger Touch sanctuary as an option since they know how to raise them really good.

i hope most of you understand where i am coming from for this topic

mainly like i said i know how hard it is to run a sanctuary by reading all the topics dave posts but like i am saying keeping my options and availability plus i would study even before starting something like that since being prepared won't hurt than starting and not knowing and having something bad come across

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Fruit Fly
Fruit Fly

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2015 4:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
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