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American River Otters - Lutra canadensis
By: Jason Abels – Assistant Director www.tigerhomes.org Animal Sanctuary

River Otters are by far one of the most personable and endearing creatures G-d has ever created! With the exception of maybe a Dolphin or a Porpoise, I do not think there exists another creature with such personality and character. Although the Sanctuary does not currently house North American River Otters, we do work side by side with "Otter John" who specializes in River Otters. Otter John, runs Wild Florida Productions, and cares for numerous orphaned Otters that were either abandoned by their mothers or rescued from their dead mothers off the side of road or worse, the Fur Trapper’s snares in Louisiana and Mississippi.

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American River Otter
American River Otter &
"Otter John"

River Otters Playing
Two otters playing

Otter Kiss - Jason
Jason up close
with River Otter

John has done some amazing work with his River Otters, and has built by far one of the nicest River Otter habitats on record. His River Otter habitat is so large, and so naturalistic that it rivals Otter Habitats created by many zoos spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or more! David and I love to give credit were credit is due, and John absolutely deserves a pat on the back for his hard work in creating a truly enriching and naturalistic environment for the River Otters in his care.

Otter Swimming
Otter in shallows

John & Jason with Otters
Swimming with Otters

Jason & Otter
Jason & Otter

On rare occasions when John has to travel, David and I often help out taking care of his River Otters and other creatures at his facility. This is why I am including them in the “Meet The Rest Of The Family” section. As we grow, we will certainly add some totally high tech “River Otter” Web Cams! We have even been researching “Underwater Cams” for this purpose. You absolutely have got to meet these guys! River Otters have the ability to steal your heart in seconds! Everything they do seems to look like so much fun, above and below the water’s surface. Watching a River Otter swim is to witness pure grace in ones element! No other creature is so fluid in their movements then a River Otter underwater, and one day down the road we will be installing the craziest “Otter Cam” you ever did see in one of John’s top notch River Otter habitats.

John with Otter

Everglades Otter Habitat
Everglades Otter Habitat