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Florida Everglades - Marjory Stoneman Douglas

By: C.M.Shorter


Marjory Stoneman Douglas
April 7, 1890 - May 14, 1998
Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Marjory & Marjory

Marjory Stoneman Douglas was born April 7, 1890 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Graduating in 1912 from Wellesley College with her major in English composition she moved to Miami to work with her father, Frank Stoneman who was editor of the Miami Herald. Her literary career encompasses numerous works and Ms. Douglas is credited with writing over 40 short stories published by the Saturday Evening Post. A true naturalist, she wrote article after article to try to discourage the ever growing commercial development in South Florida.


It was in 1947 Marjory Stoneman Douglas published one of the best known conservation books to date:

"The Everglades: River of Grass" to educate people and increase public awareness about the Everglades. Through her tremendous efforts and leadership she was successful in her campaign sponsoring establishment the Everglades National Park and in 1969 she helped found the conservation organization, Friends of the Everglades.

Not surprisingly, both Dave and Jason of TigerHomes knew Marjory personally and they share her same drive and inspiration for wildlife and global conservation. We can all thank Marjory Stoneman Douglas who was staunch advocate of the Everglades crusading throughout her life to bring awareness to the public of the need to protect this fragile environment. Marjory Stoneman Douglas made her home in South Florida right here in Coconut Grove where she lived to reach an amazing 108 years of age. Her legacy lives on as a true testimony to her great efforts and contributions to the land she loved and spent her life defending. Her works are as valued today by conservationists as the day they were first published. She was a remarkable women and we can credit her with the greatest of our admiration for her wisdom and desire to educate us about the delicate balance of a life best left to its own.

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