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Below is the official banner. Bold text links may substitute for the banner below, e.g. - Animal Sanctuary or - Live Animal Web Cams.

An Official Banner (468 x 63)

Example Banner Code
< a href="">
< img src="images/banner_th.gif" alt="" width="468" height="63" border="0">
< /a>

Instructions for Webmasters:
Simply save the image (right click + "Save as") and then upload it to your Web server placing the banner inside your "images" directory. Add the HTML code like the example above.

Instructions for Visitors:
If you see a site which allows you to link to a banner you can use the following image code:

The above URL will display the banner but does not link back to automatically. You will need to specify the the link to - Please refer to the example banner code if the site you are adding the banner to requires HTML tags.

If you have questions please contact

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