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[Tigers] Lions Lemurs
The golden tiger is an incredibly beautiful and rare color variation of Panthera tigris, and is not designated as a separate subspecies. It is commonly referred to as the golden tiger, golden tabby and even the strawberry tiger. As can be clearly seen by viewing the Sanctuaries Golden Tiger Cams, this cat is easy to distinguish from its orange or white cousins. The striping is considerably paler and often fades out into random patches or blotches. For some reason, goldens' tend to get a little larger and are claimed to have softer fur then standard tigers. I personally cannot tell the difference!

As with the white tiger, the goldens' are believed to have Bengal lineage. However, the majority of captive animals are genetically polluted with the genes of other tiger subspecies, primarily the Siberian.

Records indicate that wild population of golden tigers have been observed as far back as the early 1900's in India. Some scientists speculate that this color variation has gradually developed to help camouflage these cats which happen to inhabit large tracts clay covered terrain. This theory has never been proven and thus remains purely speculation.

It is estimated that the worldwide population of these rare tigers is fewer than sixty (60) individuals. We are very fortunate to have the privilege of working with two of them on a daily basis here at the Tiger Homes Sanctuary. Marcan and Sherikon are perhaps the most regal of all the felines housed here. I want to pinch myself every time I glance at them! There beauty is unmatched.

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