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Viewer Gallery Contest Winners!
September & October 2004
Thanks for these great snapshots!
If you see your snapshot below contact us to claim your prizes and to let us know if you'd like to ask Tigerdave any questions. See details below.

"B/W Lemur Face"

Snapshot by Samacy
"Tiger Play"

Snapshot by Dsak
"Golden Tiger"
Golden Tiger
Snapshot by Asif
"Lion Habitat"

Snapshot by Mo618
Winners - Do you have questions about the Sanctuary or animals?
Tigerdave will answer your questions about the animals, habitats, and general operation of Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary. If you are interested let us know. You can interview Dave for 20 minutes -- He will call you to talk about the Sanctuary.
"King & Princess"

Snapshot by Ivona

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