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Tigerhomes.org Forum Ranks

The Basics of Forum Ranks
First-Tier Rank Levels
Rank advancement numbers are not shown since they tend to change.
Rank Name Rank Symbol
Human Tourist
Fruit Fly
Dung Beetle
Field Mouse
Baby Iguana
African Leopard
Golden Tiger
King of the Jungle
* Little Nerd *
* * Nerd * *
Top Nerd
King Nerd I
King Nerd II
King Nerd III
King Nerd IV
Hairy Tarantula
Royal Python
There is a credit system in the Tigerhomes.org forum that rewards you for your participation. If you "post" just about anything relevant, it's credited toward your Karma points. So to begin you will need to first REGISTER to become a member. Then you need to begin answering people's posts. A good way to start is to simply introduce yourself. Over time you will gain points or "rank", or some like to call it Karma! It's fun and believe me very addictive.

You start as a "Human Tourist" which is the lowest life form on planet Earth. Gradually as you post replies to people you will evolve into other life forms or entities. This is called Rank Advancement. Ultimately you may find yourself growing into a cool little Dung Beetle and later to a mighty Leopard, Lion (King of the Jungle), Golden Tiger, or even better a King Nerd.

The Higher Ranks
Nerds are thought to be some of the highest first-tier life forms or entities in this forum. This is because they are highly motivated members that were "nerdy" enough to post in this forum so many times that it's COMPLETELY evident they are committed to spreading awareness and concerned about helping other life forms. It takes a committed NERD to do this kind of thing on the Internet. Even a mighty King of the Jungle looks up to nerds.

The first appearance of a Nerd as an actual rank was the result of a rank morph or mutation that directly resulted from discussions in this forum. In this case the nerd mutation was a good mutation but there are also bad mutations that may occur. That's why you need to be very careful what you talk about or you may cause changes in the forum's fragile ecosystem. Click here to learn about Rank Morphing.

Tier Transitions
The very prestigious King Nerd status means you are virtually oozing-over with good Karma. It also means you are getting too old to remain a simple first-tier entity. Hence the appearance of a life-meter. So in order to enter the Second-tier and still hold onto some of your excess Karma, the forum elders have allowed you to carry with you a very special Tigerhomes.org Sacred Karma Chalice. It's like the Holy Grail but don't drink from it! It contains the Karma you will need in the next life (second-tier), in order to transform into new and exciting life forms or entities.

Rank Morphing (mutation)
Rank Morphing is like a mutation. This is a completely different thing than Rank Advancement which is the natural state or "planned" progression starting at Human Tourist level. Rank Morphs can happen automatically or may occur as a result of an imbalance within the forum due to characteristics of conversations happening or other observable trends. Morphs are not necessarily bad but simply a sign of nature taking its own course to restore balance.

Over time you will learn some of the things that lead to rank morphing but it does not happen very frequently and is not always predictable. When morphs do happen they may last forever or only for a set time period. Morphs can affect everyone, an entire rank level ("guilt by association"), or just an individual for a predetermined time period. In some cases morphs may only last for a very short period of time but these usually represent artificially administered reward or penalty morphs. Unfortunately some penalty morphs may include innocent bystanders "at the wrong place, at the wrong time".

Predicting Future Ranks
Don't waste your time trying to predict when the next rank advancement will happen. Some of the lower levels are not fully established at this time of this writing and will most likely change. Also this ranking system is intentionally unpredictable to keep things interesting. Future ranks will not be posted here. Someone has to first achieve the rank for it to show up on this page.

Avatar Penalties

Members with more than 500 posts that do not choose an avatar "may" receive a complimentary "Play-Doh Baby". Play-Doh Baby can be deleted from your profile if you prefer to use your own avatar. You may also send a Personal Message / PM to any of the moderators to remove Play-doh Baby.