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Tigerhomes.org Tiger Webcams

Over 35 Webcams in 10 Habitats & We are EXPANDING!
If you are a big cat fan then GET READY! Tigerhomes.org provides large-size naturalistic habitats for White Tigers, Golden Tigers, Bengal Tigers, African Lions, African Leopards, Cougars, Ring-tailed Lemurs, Black & White Ruffed Lemurs and Red Ruffed Lemurs! Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary provides permanent homes for all its residents & runs the only Educational Website that lets you view this many amazing creatures UP-CLOSE and LIVE, 7 days a week! Join us in our mission to spread global conservation awareness via the Internet. It's our hope to reach millions of people from around the world. We ask that website visitors like you to join us in our mission. With your help we can effectively spread the word about the plight of the species represented at the Sanctuary and many other critically endangered animals. With your support you receive access to all the exciting features explained on this page.

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Tundra & Loki : Tigerhomes.org member video animation was created with snapshots by member Laura (gb3llma). The image above is in reduced size to fit this page format. Actual size is 320 x 240 Click here to see actual size! | See More Members Created Videos >>

All members can take UNLIMITED free snapshots of the animals at any time. The webcams are 100% genuine LIVE FEEDS of the Sanctuary Tigers, Lions, Lemurs, Leopards, Cougars, and more. Members are allowed to create their own animations and videos from these amazing snapshots.
See a sampling of some of the AMAZING snapshots our members have taken >>

New! Night lights are being upgraded! Lights on until 10 PM EST for several habitats! Next up: White Tiger lights.
Sanctuary animals you will get to meet:
Tundra Tundra is a female White Tiger. She is sweet and a joy to interact with. She is Loki's companion. More
Loki Loki's name means "Warrior of Mischief". This male White Tiger is one of the most vocal cats in the Sanctuary and he loves attention. More
Marcan Marcan is an extremely beautiful male Siberian Golden Tiger (extremely rare color morph). His stealthy movements make it easy for him to sneak up on you! Marcan has a very sweet disposition. Marcan is Sherikon's beloved companion.
Sherikon Sherikon is the elusive Siberian Golden Tiger and is Marcan's companion. It's sometimes hard to see her on cam but she is an amazing animal. More
King King is an African Black Maned Lion. He is extremely calm, affectionate AND HUGE!. More
Princess Princess is a female African Lion. She loves attention and likes to pounce on King! More
Clarence Clarence is sometimes referred to as the "gentle giant". He is an enormous Bengal Tiger and a pleasure to be with.
Gypsy Gypsy is Clarence's Bengal Tiger companion. She is an absolute angel and likes to interact with Dave & Jason.
Sampson Sampson the African Leopard is considered a "one-man-cat" since he only favors Dave's attention. Anyone else better stand clear! More
Midnight Midnight, the playful African Black Leopard cub is the Sanctuary's pride and joy! Dave interacts with her frequently on cam.
Ring Tail Lemurs The highly animated Ring Tail Lemur troop is an amazing family of lemurs to watch on cam. We are expecting more babies! Don't forget to take snapshots. More
Black and White Lemurs The Black and White Ruffed Lemurs became the central focus last Summer as we watched IHOP the female B/W Lemur nest and give birth to her babies. More
Red Ruffed Lemurs The Red Ruffed Lemurs are due to come back on cam in a new and improved habitat. Don't miss it! More

Tigerhomes.org Forum Interact in the Forum and meet members, discuss wildlife topics, share photos! Ask Tigerdave and Jason questions about the animals and about the Sanctuary.

Attention Students! Are you writing a report ?
The Tigerhomes.org Community Forum is a great place to ask questions. Our membership base includes animal enthusiasts of all kinds, teachers, and members that can help you research hard to find information. Plus it's just a great place to express yourself, share your original artwork, poems, or post anything you feel like discussing! Introduce yourself in Meet New Members.

Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary Education Center
Tigerhomes.org Education Center is a growing knowledge base of articles presented in an easy to read format.

Sanctuary Animal Knowledge Base: Learn all about the Sanctuary Animals. Great reference pages for felines and lemurs. Explore various other species of animals throughout the world and learn more about their delicate habitats. More >>

Web Tigerhomes.org
TIP: Google search allows you to quickly find exactly what you are looking for. There are literally hundreds of pages of informative content at your disposal.

Learn What Goes on Behind the Scenes at the Sanctuary!
Bottle Feeding Photos after the White Tiger Fight Most people don't realize what goes into caring for a baby tiger cub or a fully grown Siberian Tiger for that matter! Jason takes you behind the scenes with Dave at the Sanctuary. More >>

CLICK HERE: See actual size >>

"Since finding Tigerhomes.org on the net, I knew that we have found the Best Place to be.  Watching the Cams and taking Snapshots of these Beautiful Animals from the Safety of our own home, is the Greatest thing on Earth!  Having my Family take part in Tigerhomes, and in the Tigerhomes Forum on Topics such as Animal Awareness right down to what Kind of Day you have had.  You get a Warm Feeling inside, that your Family comes from all Around the World.
PLEASE! PLEASE! Do Your Part, with Helping the Tigerhomes.org Mission!"
 -- Donna, keykey (Canada)

"I've been a member of Tigerhomes for almost a year now and I'm so glad that I found this site.  Nowhere else on the net can you find as many webcams, educational pages, and such a great group of people from around the globe.  TigerDave and his Team are awesome at what they do and they are the real deal!  No phonies here!  This man loves what he does and it shows in everything he does.  He always puts his "Animal" family needs above his own.  He has devoted his life to this and is perfecting this sanctuary 365/24/7 ! I would strongly encourage anyone out there that has not done so to sign up today and be a part of this awesome family of animal loving, Educating, Wildlife preserving bunch of guys that are TRULY number ONE at what they do!  Tigerhomes Sanctuary and www.tigerhomes.org TOTALLY Rock!!" -- Pam, Kitty24 (USA)
"I'm a wild tiger addict (white and siberian tigers above all) since I was looking for a white tiger wallpaper when I met Tundra! And then I saw that "live webcams" banner and my hand went to it without asking me for permission! Tigerhomes.org is the best site I have ever surfed!"
-- Alicia, Dufresne (Spain)
"Tigerhomes.org is one of the most entertaining and educational sites on the Internet. The effort that goes into providing the best care and sanctuary for these animals is amazing. And the webcams that allow the lives of these beautiful creatures to be seen by so many people around the world, it's truly remarkable! Thanks to the efforts of Tigerhomes.org we still have these beauties on earth to admire! I thank all the people behind Tigerhomes.org so much and will always be a supporter."
-- Rose, rosieposie (Canada)

"As someone who is interested in animals (lemurs specifically), I was happy to find TigerHomes.org on a search for lemur webcams. There isn't anywhere on the net where you can see both Ring-Tailed and Ruffed lemurs as candidly as you can at TigerHomes.org - and it all happens live, all day, and on more than 5 different cams to choose from!"
-- Zach, taburineagle (USA)
"I first came upon tigerhomes about a year ago while looking up tiger pictures.  I just though that I would check it out and see what they where about.  That's when it happend...I got addicted to the cams and there beautiful animals.  The people at tigerhomes are awesome.  They bend over backwards for their members when it should be the other way around.  They bring us so much just from the seat of your own home.  If you love animals like I do please believe me, tigerhomes is the best there is and nothing else compairs."
-- Kristie, kristiemiller7 (USA)
"Tiger Homes web site is THE place to be. The site is full of educational information about the exotic animals, has the best forum on the net, and of course, the web cams can't be beat!!! Like a certain company's potato chips, just one visit to the site won't be enough- you'll have to keep coming back for more!!! So join the forum, help the sanctuary help the animals by becoming a Gold Member, and, by all means, enjoy the cams! You'll be glad you did!!!"
-- Kathryn, "Z" coleman (USA)

"Tigerhomes is great - especially Tundra & Loki watching the web cams makes me feel like I'm there with them everyday.  Dave made me feel very welcome back in February - just love the work you guys are doing."
-- Sue, bkelly (UK)

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