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TigerHomes.Org makes every effort to ensure, but does not guarantee, the accuracy of the information posted on its website. TigerHomes may periodically publish articles deemed appropriate as submitted by 3rd parties the content of which is covered under our current Terms of Use as outlined herein. These articles of interest are periodically submitted for publication by private third party individuals for inclusion in our many "Animals of Interest" Educational Series with proper credit given to the contributing party. TigerHomes offers no warranties expressly or implied and does not assumes responsibility for accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any content. Your use and access of this site is at your own risk. TigerHomes.Org does not warrant that this site will be uninterrupted in transmission or error free. Every attempt is made to secure our site and servers but we cannot warrant 3rd party posting, i.e. Forums etc., external links are virus free and it is the responsibility of the user(s) to secure their operating systems. TigerHomes.Org bears no responsibility for accuracy of hyperlinks to other websites or content therein or for that of subsequent external links.

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