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Tiger Pictures - "Tiger Color Variation Page"
Color variation related: Tiger Stripes | White Tiger Photos | Golden Tiger Photos

Bengal Tigers
Extremely Rare & Endangered Tigers

Pure White or Snow Tiger (Recessive Stripe) , White Tiger,
Golden Tiger (aka Golden Tabby or Strawberry Tiger) & Bengal Tiger


Tiger Color Variations - Extremely Rare & Endangered Tigers
Dr. Josip Marcan's Tigers from the Marcan Tiger Preserve in Florida
Bengal Tiger Color Morphs are NOT Separate Subspecies

Bengal Tiger Color Variation Population Statistics
Pure White Tiger, Snow White Tiger or Ghost Tiger(Recessive stripes) > 20-30 remain
White Tiger > 200 remain
Golden Tiger, aka: Golden Tabby orStrawberry Tiger > 70-100 remain
Note: These tigers are extinct from the wild and only exist in captivity.
Standard Bengal Tiger >~2,000 in the wild
unknown numbers in captivity

Color variation related: Tiger Stripes | White Tiger Photos | Golden Tiger Photos

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