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Red Tailed Hawks - Buteo regalis

Red tailed Hawks are one of the most broadly distributed and adaptive birds of prey in North America. They live in a wide range of habitats from Northern Alberta in Canada, through Mexico, into Central America and east to Cuba. They tend to form permanent pair bonds, are sometimes migratory and have in some areas adapted to life in urban habitats. Pairs will often use the same nest sites year after year. As is true with many birds of prey, both parents incubate and feed the young. They are very territorial and on clear days patrol their domains from the sky search for intruders.
Red Tailed Hawk - Buteo regalis

Body length, 19-25 inches
Life Cycle:
fledging 44-46 days
Sexual maturity, 1.5-3 years
Life span,
Incubation Period, 28-32 days
Clutch size 2-4 eggs
Birth season, March-April
Diet: small rodents, rabbits, reptiles, smaller birds
Predators: no significant predators
Social Structure:
Bonded pairs
Territory Size: ½ to 2 square miles
Conservation Status: No special status

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