endangered primates
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Quiz #4

This is a take-home quiz. To answer the questions, some of which were covered in the film, use all available resources including books and the web. Answer all the questions in complete sentences.

1. Tortoises belong to ancient family of reptiles. How long ago do scientists think that turtles and tortoises evolved?

2. The Florida Kingsnake is one of how many species of kingsnake that live in North America?

3. Why can kingsnakes hunt and eat venomous snakes?

4. In the wild, how long do American River Otter pups stay with their parents?

5. What is the conservation status of the American Crocodile?

6. How many cubs do Florida Panthers usually have and how long do they stay with their mothers?

7. List two ways in which the parenting strategies of Red-tailed Hawks and American Alligators differ?

8. Why can American Crocodiles live in salty or brackish waters when their alligator cousins are incapable of doing so?

9. Which of the following species evolved most recently: Gopher Tortoises, River Otters, American Crocodiles?

10. In what other county (countries) besides The United States is one likely to find Red-tailed Hawks?

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