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Quiz # 4

Our film “Power Cats: Locked and Loaded” introduces students to eight subspecies of Felines. Students should make reference to this film, the curriculum detail and perhaps outside resources to answer the questions presented in this take-home quiz.

Using all available resources: books, encyclopedias, the web, the film "PowerCats" you saw in class, etc. answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. List the prey species (at least 3) that is the primary food source for our PowerCats?

2. Are Felines Nocturnal, Diurnal, or Crepuscular, and what does this designation mean?

3. Are Tigers social or solitary animals?

4. Lions have two subspecies, what are the two and how do they differ from one another?

5. What is the conservation status of Tigers and what is the greatest threat to their survival?

6. Where in the world would you find Lions?

7. Cougars have the broadest range of any of the feline species and are named for the territory they inhabit. List two of the other names by which these animals are known.

8. What is one of the main uses for a Lion's mane? State the advantages of this feature.

9. What is an Ungulate? (Students may refer to TigerHomes Illustration Pages for Prey Species or refer to outside resources)

10. Felines are most active at early dawn and at dusk when hunting or patrolling territory. What is the term used to describe this behavior?

Name at least one Feline which has a Genetic Color Variation but is not a separate subspecies.


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