Four Types of Lenurs  - Endangered Primates
endangered primates
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Quiz #3

Circle the correct answer or fill in the blank.

1. Florida has such a wide range of species that live in warm temperatures because the climate is:
(A) Nocturnal (B) Temperate (C) Arctic (D) Semi Tropical

2. American Crocodiles have glands in their mouths that help them excrete: (A) Sand (B) Seaweed (C) Salt (D) Sugar

3. This gland allows crocodiles to live in the shallows of: (A) Seas and Oceans (B) Ponds (C) Rivers (D) Lakes

4. A dietary carnivore consumes food that is almost all ____________.

5. Loss of_____________ is a major threat to many Florida animal species.

6. Red tailed hawks hunt primarily using their sense of ____________ .

7. American River Otters live throughout most of North America: (A) True (B) False

8. Florida Panthers have retractable: (A) Teeth (B) Tails (C) claws (D) Fur

9. Gopher Tortoises have a life span of approx. _________ years.

10. Kingsnakes are non-venomous; they kill their prey by__________ .

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