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Quiz # 3

1. Which of the following are habitats?
(a) altitude (b) laughing (c) forests (d) savannah (e) deserts (f) highways g) mountains

2. Circle the Tiger subspecies which are now Extinct:
(a)Siberian (b)Bengal (c)Javan (d)SouthChina (e)Sumatran(f) Bali (g)Caspian (h)Indo-Chinese

3. Felines are very territorial and mark their territory boundaries using the following:
(a) vocalizations (b) pug marks (c) scent marking (d) all of the these (e) none of the these

4. All felines have retractable claws with the exception of this animal:
(a) Cougars (b) Bengal Tigers (c) Cheetahs (d) Mountain Lions (e) African Lions

5. White Lions, Golden Tigers & White Tigers are members of the same _______________, but belong to different __________________.

6. Which of the following are factors endangering wild feline populations?
(a) loss of habitat (b) hunting (c) poaching (d) all of the above (e)none of the above

7. Which of the following are not felines?
(a) aardvark (b) tortoise (c) giraffes (d) caracals (e) mongoose

8. Felines are nocturnal. Special features in their eye structure allows them better vision at night than humans. Do they see in color as well as humans? ___Yes _____No

9. An animal that is mostly active at night is called _________________.

10. Explain why, from a conservation perspective, it might be valuable to preserve feline species in captive breeding programs.


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