Four Types of Lenurs  - Endangered Primates
endangered primates
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Quiz #1

For each of the following circle the correct answer

1. Another name for cougar is:
(A) Otter (B) Mountain Lion (C) Raptor (D) Tortoise

2. King Snakes are:
(A) Venomous (B) Non venomous

3. Red Tailed Hawks may have evolved from:
(A) Worms (B) Crocodiles (C) Otters (D) Dinosaurs

4. Gopher Tortoises are:
(A) Amphibians (B) Mammals (C) Reptiles (D) Birds

5. River Otters have which of the following to help them swim?
(A) Fins (B) Webbed Feet (C) propellers (D) Claws

6. Alligators and Crocodiles have a nictitating membrane that protects their:
(A) Feet (B) Eyes (C) Tails (D) Teeth

7. All the animals in the film are hunters except:
(A) Gopher Tortoises (B) Otters (C) King Snakes (D) Red Tail Hawks

8. Which of the following species from the film are not aquatic?
(A) Alligators (B) Otters (C) Crocodiles (D) Gopher Tortoises

9. Cougars are unlike other big cats (lions, tigers etc.) because they:
(A) Purr (B) Use their claws (C) Eat plants (D) Jump on their prey

10. Gopher Tortoises are unusual members of the turtle family because they:
(A) Eat vegetation (B) Have protective shells (C) Dig tunnels (D) Lay eggs

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