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Quiz # 1

In each of the following, circle the correct answer:

1. Which of the following hunt Tigers:
(A) Sharks (B) Boa Constrictors (C) Man (D) Lions

2. If an animal is using its sense of olfaction, it is using its ears.
(A) True (B) False

3. Gorillas are felines.
(A) True (B) False

4. Felines are nocturnal which means they are active:
(A) In the day (B) In winter (C) At night (D) All the time

5. Wild Lions live in:
(A) China (B) Africa (C) Canada (D) The United States

6. If an animal is using its Fangs, it is:
(A) Climbing (B) Walking (C) Hunting/Eating (D) Sleeping

7. Tigers are the most social of all the Felines:
(A) True (B) False

8. Africa is:
(A) A mountain range (B) An ocean (C) A lake (D) A continent

9. Lions have which of the following physical characteristics:
(A) A Trunk (B) Mane (C) Antlers (D) Stripes

10. Crepuscular animals sleep during the day:
(A) True (B) False


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