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Projects for Individuals and Classes


Lesson Plan I - Feline History: Facts & Myths

Many of our "PowerCats" are top predators on the planet. They are awesome in size and power and have been highly revered, feared and even worshipped throughout modern civilization.

Tigers to this very day, including all their body parts, are believed to hold magical medicinal powers particularly in the Far Eastern cultures. The Romans captured lions on their way back to Italy to be used in battles with gladiators and to fight Christians during the arenas of ancient times. There is much fact mixed with myth in the perception of our modern day felines and it is important for students to understand the difference.

Have students explore 3 animal names with distinct cultural significance. Then have them research the behavior of the animals they have chosen. Have them explore the history of the names and report on their perceived appropriateness.

Lesson Plan II - If I Were A Feline

Students are introduced to eight subspecies of felines in our DVD, from the largest such as the Siberian Tiger to the smaller caracal and lynx feline species. Different species live in different habitats and have different diets, social structures, and life styles. Some live a solitary life and other live in groups. Have each student pick a species of feline and research its behavior, habitat and conservation status. When they have completed their research have students write a story, from the feline's perspective, about a day in the wild. The story should reflect the information that each student has learned in research, as well as show imaginative insight. (Students could also research the life and behavior of Prey species introduced and write the story from the their perspective.) Instead of a story, some students may want to take their research information and using art supplies, create a diorama of a particular feline species habitat. They should try to reasonably represent and label the plants and terrain, and include the felines and prey in realistic ways.

Lesson Plan III: TigerHomes' "Virtual Field Trip"/Eyes On The "PowerCats"

Let the TigerHomes team take your class on a "Virtual Field Trip" without ever having to leave the classroom! Through the eyes of our state-of-the-art animal webcams, teachers can take the entire class on a world tour of our planet's most rare and endangered species of animals. TigerHomes offers top educators a perfect vehicle to give students an opportunity to explore our natural habitats and document animal behavioral patterns with the power of their own first-hand observations.

Many of the felines featured in the film reside at the TigerHomes Animal Sanctuary. As depicted in the film, the sanctuary has a website where individuals can watch the animals via cameras in their habitats. Have students pick one of the feline species to observe in their habitat. Have them log on to the website www.tigerhomes.org once each day for a week. Every day they should watch the behaviors of the felines and keep a log of what they observe in the habitat. Students may then compile a "Keeper's Diary" on the selected animal noting typical behavior patterns such as eating, patrolling, grooming, sleeping, playing etc.

They can also do this in groups with each member of the group observing the feline(s) at the same time every day. Example student A watches and logs behavior every day from 2:00p.m. to 2:20, student B then observes and logs from 3:00-3:20, and so on. At the end of the observation period the students can put their logs together to see a more comprehensive picture of the selected animal's behavior patterns and habits. At the end of the research period students might want to email the keepers at TigerHomes with any questions that their observations may have raised. Have fun exploring and enjoy your "Virtual Field Trip"!! We invite you to come back and visit often for your personal tour and animal adventure.

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