A Guide To Modern Lemurs: Indri (Indri Indri) - Species
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Lemurs: Tails From The Canopy
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A Guide To Modern Lemurs

There are 22 species of modern lemurs living on the island of Madagascar and sometimes on the surrounding and small Comoro Islands. They inhabit a broad range of habitats and come in wide range of sizes and colours.

The 6 species of lemur are described on the following pages beginning with the first species Indri below.


Indri (Indri Indri)

The largest living prosimian, Indris live in northeast Madagascar in coastal and mountain rainforests. They are diurnal and arboreal.
Indris are almost tailless, have a dense coat of varying colours (often black and white), with a black hairless face.
Indris have distinctive howling vocalizations, which they use to define territory.
Body length, 2 ½ feet
Weight, 15-16 lbs.
Life Cycle:
Weaning, 9 months
Sexual maturity, unknown
Life span, unknown
Gestation Period, 150 days
Young /birth, 1
Birth season, May-June
Leaves, flowers, fruits and buds of various plants
Birds of prey, fossas
Social Structure:
Sometime solitary, more often live in groups of 3-6 individuals
Territory Size:
30-75 acres
Conservation Status: Endangered with extinction

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A Guide To Modern Lemurs: Indri (Indri Indri) - Species