Quiz # 3 Lemur Habitats and Madagascar -- Quiz Questions
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Lemurs: Tails From The Canopy
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Quiz # 3

1. Which of the following are habitats?
a) ice cubes b) grooming c) forests d) pumpkins e) tidal areas f) wetlands g) books h) feathers i) deserts

2. Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest ________________.

3. Because they have longer nasal passages than monkeys and apes, biologists conclude that lemurs rely more heavily on their sense of __________ than most other primates.

4. A lemur’s canine teeth can be found in their top jaw (Maxilla) and in their _______________, another word for lower jaw.

5. Red Ruffed Lemurs and Black & White Ruffed Lemurs are members of the same _______________, but belong to different __________________.

6. Which of the following are factors endangering wild lemur populations?
a) loss of habitat b) hunting c) pollution d) all of the above e)none of the above

7. Which of the following are not primates?
a) chimpanzees b) baboons c) rhinos d) lemurs e) squirrels

8. Lemurs have special teeth for __________________.

9. An animal which spends most or all of its time in trees is called ___________.

10. Explain why, from a conservation perspective, it might be valuable to raise lemurs in captivity.

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Quiz # 3 Lemur Habitats and Madagascar -- Quiz Questions