Lemur: Concept Work Sheet - Most Lemur species are arboreal
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Lemurs: Tails From The Canopy
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Concept Work Sheet
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1. Most Lemur species are arboreal. Through research or your own knowledge of nature find three other non-lemur species that are arboreal.
_________________ __________________ __________________

2. Lemurs are primates. List three non Lemur primate species:
_________________ __________________ ___________________

3. For each of the above species name a characteristic that indicates that they are primates: ________________ ________________ ___________________

4. Lemurs are endangered animals. What factors in their environment are dangerous to these animals?

5. Name three other species or families of animals that are endangered:
________________ ________________ __________________

6. What factors endanger these animals?

7. Many Lemur species have complex social lives. What aspects of their behavior indicate the complexity of their lives?

8. Find two of other species of animal with complex social lives:
____________________ __________________________

9. In the above species, what aspects of their behavior illustrates the complexity of their social lives?

10. Many Lemur species take care of their offspring for a relatively long period of time (8 months or longer). Find two other species of animals that care for their juveniles for a long period of time.
____________________ __________________________

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