Lemur Behavior
To Catch A Lemur - Model Lemur Behavior
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Lemurs: Tails From The Canopy
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To Catch A Lemur

Lemur Picture
Cam snapshot taken by member cmshorter
The above lemur picture was taken via the web, from camera #1, in the ring-tailed lemur enclosure at the Tiger Homes Sanctuary. Much better pictures can be taken but regardless of quality the method is the same and not difficult.

1. Go to the web site www.tigerhomes.org and click on the link at the top "Cams"
2. Pick a lemur species and proceed to that area of the site
3. Choose one of the cameras in the enclosure and click on it
4. Watch until an appealing or meaningful image appears
5. Click the camera icon below the image "Snapshot"
6. A popup window should appear with your captured image
7. Right Click the captured image and choose "Save As" to your desktop
7. Print the image or insert into a document

Have a class lemur photo contest. Explain the photograph capturing method to each participant. Have students print their photos and display them in class. Have the class determine the best images and put up a permanent display and/or send them on to the Tigerhomes Sanctuary. Many categories can be represented: best behavior, most artistic, funniest, etc.

Students can also capture numerous images and create a photographic essay, or use the photographs to illustrate behavioral observations.

Model Behavior

Lemurs come in a wide range of sizes and colours… and live in a broad range of habitats. Have students pick a species of lemur and make a scale model of the animal. Students can use clay, paper mache, wood, plaster or any other appropriate material. The model should be as close to realistic as possible. Web sites and written references will provide detailed descriptions and often pictures to aid the students in creating an accurate model.

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