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Florida Kingsnakes - Lampropeltis getula floridana

As is true of many snake species, the broad range of kingsnake behavior has not been studied. All kingsnakes are constrictors and in addition they are immune to the venom of native poisonous snake species. Their name may have come from the fact that they were perceived as the 'king of snakes', i.e. able to eat almost any other snake species. They live in a broad range of habitats from woodlands, to prairies and marches. While usually considered diurnal animals, they have been observed in active behavior at night.

Picture of a Florida Kingsnake
Florida Kingsnake

Body length, 38-48 inches
Life Cycle:
Sexual maturity,
Life span, unknown
Mating Season: Late spring-early summer
Number of eggs: 3-30
Incubation: 65-90 days
Snakes, lizards, frogs, birds, eggs, rodents
Predators: No significant predators (birds of prey when young)
Social Structure: Solitary
Territory Size: Unknown
Conservation Status: No Special Status

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