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Ecotourism is a revenue producing commodity which makes use of the indigenous animal and plant species in a given area to generate income through ecological tourism. EcoTourism stimulates an interest and helps develop an understanding of the natural wonders of the world with a resulting financial benefit for conservation. Ideally, tours will minimize impact on local terrain and build environmental awareness, cultural education and teach respect for our planet's fragile natural ecosystem.

There are major efforts in place and in progress to educate the local people of the monetary value of tourism into these areas. People travel the world over in the hopes of being able to see or photograph our planets rare and endangered species of animals and plants. Often times tours are conducted within the confines of our National Game Preserves such as Kruger National Park and in other controlled areas. There are also many resources available for private guided tours for us to see the wonders of nature.

Ecotourism is very popular in Alaska, the Amazon, Belize, Costa Rica, Egypt, the Galapagos Islands, India and throughout the whole continent of Africa including Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Education of the local people is the major key to the continued survival of many species now threatened or endangered. These animals and plants are worth more to the local people alive than dead or destroyed. The prospect of EcoTourism generating an income is a major incentive and gives us great hope for them to protect and preserve the animals, plants and the habitats if man is to find a way to coexist with the indigenous species. Many conservationists believe EcoTourism is the key to sound ecological solutions and success in global conservation..

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