Conservation Worksheet
endangered primates
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1. On the web, in printed sources or through personal knowledge find the names of 3 conservation organizations that work to protect any of the species covered in the film.

2. Find the phone numbers of at least one of these organizations.

3. Find a web site for at least one of these organizations.

4. By calling them or searching on the web find and list the conservation area nearest to your home or school set aside to protect one of the species listed in the film.

5. By phone or web site learn how young individuals or student classes can participate in the conservation of at least one of the species covered in the film. List at least two such activities below.

6. Find and list two other endangered or threatened species that are native to the United States.

7. A few years ago Bald Eagles were an endangered species in the United States. In the last few years their numbers have increased and they are now classified as "Threatened". Research the methods by which Bald Eagles were and are protected and list some of the actions that helped to improve their conservation status.

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