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Lesson Plan X - A "PowerCats" World
Modern Lions, Tigers and Cheetahs have limited wild territory on the continents of Africa and Asia. Map references are provided within this curriculum for these most of these species. The Caracal has this same territory but also ranges into the Middle Eastern countries. Whereas the Cougar, so named for the range they inhabit occupy a broader spectrum of territory ranging from the Canadian Yukon to the tip of South America. The many Lynx species have this same range but also are present in the European continent and Asia. These territories encompass a broad range of habitats, from tropical rainforests and wetlands, to dry forests and savannahs. Different habitats support different species of felines, which have evolved to live efficiently within the limits of their ecosystem.

Have students research the geography of Africa or Asia, the Americas or Europe and create with illustration a map showing the various habitats and ecosystems present on the continent they choose or mark territory by species they select. It is recommended that they research three different species of felines and mark, with illustrations or flag markers, their range on the map. When presenting the map to the classroom, students should be able to describe some adaptations of the felines to their environments.

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